A Simple Mother's Day Gift


Mothering- parenting- is not for the faint of heart. No, indeed.

From the moment my sweet babies were known to be nestled safely inside my womb, I knew mothering was not for the faint of heart. In fact, for some, slightly before I knew they were safely nestled inside. Mostly due to the fact that my insides felt like they were bursting out each time I threw up due to morning sickness. ☺

There are the rough feeding days.

And snotty nose days.

And, well, other bodily function issue days.

There are the days of snuggling and reading great books (Our favorite nap book right now happens to be the Jesus Calling Bible Storybook.) And the days of toddlerhood when snuggling is more like wrangling birds. There are days of wishing we could change our schooling structure and days of wondering if she is really ready to have a driver’s license.

The point is, sometimes, mamas get tired. They just need a little hug. A pat on the back to say: “You are doing a GREAT job!” or an “I love you.” Or simply a smile that says, “I so get it. It’s ok; you’re doing fab.”

Because from my mama’s heart, I know that most of us moms love our job to pieces…and in spite of diapers or snotty noses or, well, other “stuff,” we wouldn’t trade our babies for all the riches in the world. Wealth can only be accurately measured by the one who is counting.

Last time I checked, I’m the richest woman in the world. You can beg to differ if you’d like.

Just in case you know another tired mama who could use a simple gift. Or one you’d like to encourage this upcoming Mother’s Day. Or a dad who needs a little assistance in helping his children make mama feel special- we have a super easy and cute craft. Below you will find a NEW fun poem to help you spread a blanket of thankfulness over moms everywhere:

A Sprout of Love for Mother’s Day
Because you serve with all your heart
I want to tell you from the start
That all the love and care you show
Is planting seeds of faith to grow.
They may not be seen overnight
But soon will blossom from the light.
You shine on leaves that need much grace
And warm each branch with your embrace
So keep this set of prints to view
And know this little sprout
loves you.

-Matt & Rachel Wojo

No matter the age or stage of your children, just like plants, you are investing in their wellness through your provisions. The time passes quickly and the opportunity to invest in lives is short- enjoy every moment that you can soak up, tired mama. For soon they will be gone and your little sprout will have transformed into the fruit-bearing tree God created him or her to be.

So grab the free printable HERE and stop at your local art store for a green ink pad if you don’t already have one. Or you could use a green washable marker, color the tip of your child’s finger and do a quick fingerprint for the leaves like we did in this example:


Have fun! And Happy Mother’s Day!

Rachel Wojnarowski is a wife, mom to 7, blogger and piano teacher. She and her husband, Matt, enjoy caring for their busy family, whose ages span 22 months to 21 years and includes a special needs daughter. Rachel leads community ladies’ Bible studies in central Ohio and serves as an event planner and speaker. In her “free time” she crochets, knits, and sews handmade clothing. Ok, not really. She enjoys running and she’s a tech geek at heart. Reader, writer, speaker and dreamer, you can find Rachel on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and of course, RachelWojo.com