A Secret Recipe for Handling Chaos

And just like that summer is over, the kids are back to school and fall is almost here! With all of these changes, to say things are running smoothly in our household would be, well…. a lie. Things are chaotic.

With new changes, schedules and routines — of course life will seem like chaos! Your kids watch how your handle chaos and this helps keep me in check. While I don’t claim to be an expert in this subject, I’ll let you in on my personal secret recipe for handling times of craziness in our life.

Secret Recipe for Handling Chaos

Here are the ingredients
– Prayer
– Tissues
– Sharpie and Post-It Note
– Someone You Trust

Here is the deal with these ingredients. To make this concoction work, you need to find the right balance of each that works for you. Just like when making chocolate chip cookies, some people like a little more butter, while others like more chocolate chips. Mix, choose and create the recipe that works best for you.

The wonderful gift of prayer can be used anywhere! Whenever you feel chaos approaching, or are in the midst of it – stop and say a quick prayer. It can be as easy as “Lord, please help me thru this.” or my personal favorite “God, what have I gotten myself into? Send help quick!”
Don’t confine prayer to a certain time. Use it whenever you need to and teach your children to pray! While this ingredient will help you when life seems crazy, it will do wonders for your children as well. I often wish I had learned how calming prayer was at a younger age. (If you are looking for a resource to introduce your children to prayer, check out Really Woolly Bedtime Prayers.)

Chaos can cause tears and a good cry maybe just what you need! Keep tissues handy and know it’s okay to cry.

Post-It Notes and a Pen
My obsession with Sharpies and Post-It notes finally have a good purpose! When chaos is calm, find phrases, quotes or other encouraging inspirational sayings that make your heart happy and write them on post-it notes. Place where you will see, such as on a computer screen or in the car. When times get heavy, having these around will help!

Someone You Trust
Find an outlet for talking about your life’s chaos. I thankfully have a best friend who happens to be my husband. He loves me unconditionally and always seems to know the right words to say – or sometimes not say. Find someone who isn’t a gossip and can understand the real you, warts and all. (P.S. this friend will come in handy at all times!)

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
Now put the recipe into action. Use whatever ingredients work for you and just remember, this too shall pass. It’s hard to see the reason while in the midst of chaos, but God leads you down paths (sometimes crazy!) for a reason. While it’s hard to see the why now – trust in Him.

Who is Molly Thornberg? Molly is someone who loves God, her fabulous husband and their 4 kids. Texas is her home, but she totally hates the heat. After years of being a working mom, she retired that season of life for a new season as a work-at-home mom. This new season can best be described as purposeful insanity. Her days include lots of coffee and kid chasing, and her nights are spent blogging. Molly is the creator of Digital Mom Blog, a site dedicated to moms and technology. She also blogs parenting for Babble. Follow her digital life on Twitter at @DigitalMolly.