A Prayer for Moms of Sons

A Prayer for My Sons (1)

I guess when I look back, I kind of always pictured myself as a boy mom. Once we had one boy, I never started longing for a girl. I wanted our boy to have a brother and we ended up with three boys in all!

Yes, I was happy to be a boy mom, but I also knew nothing about what that would entail. I grew up with a sister. Just us two girls. The whole growing up world of boys and life of brothers was a mystery to me. It has required lots and lots of prayer as I learn to navigate it.

I don’t just want to survive my boys’ childhood, although some days it does feel like a war zone. I want to embrace the way God designed them as men and raise them to be boys who love and serve the Lord. I need His help each and every day.

If you’re a boy mom, you may have some of the same feelings, challenges, and joys as I do with my three guys. Let’s take some time to pray as we lean on Jesus for help in our role of raising godly men…

Dear Lord Jesus,

You are holy and worthy of all my praise, Lord. I stand in awe today that You in all Your greatness chose me to be mother to these boys. This role is humbling and makes me stretch and grow every day, but it is also one of my greatest joys and for that I thank You.

Lord, my boys are full of energy. Help me to show them how to use this energy to serve You, worship You, bring glory to You in all they do. May their energy be put in to hard work and great fun, that they would experience both the fruits of laboring for You and the fullness of Your joy.

Jesus, my boys are so physical and daring. Help me to not be afraid when they take on new challenges, but to trust them in Your hands. Protect them from danger, but never let them lose this willingness to take risks, especially when they are following after You. Take away the worry and control I tend to hold on to and replace it with  trust and dependence on Your wild and perfect plan for each of them.

Heavenly Father, my boys are so loud. Help me to not lose what they are saying in the midst of all this noise. Keep my ears open and my attention fixed on them so they will always know I am here to listen. Use their boldness to tell all the world about You and the great things You have done for them.

Lord, only You know each of our boys and only You know what they need. Guide me as their mother and help me point them to Your love and saving grace every day of their lives. May they be men who love well, serve well, and fight hard for the things they hold most dear, knowing they can only do it in Your power.

Thank You for the gift of my boys and for the wisdom and strength to raise them as godly men for You.

In Your mighty name,



0718016319As we enter into 2015 and all the hope that a new year brings, the entire month of January here at TommyNelson.com will be dedicated to prayer. Each week we will be praying for three specific types of parents. There will be prayers for expectant mothers, prayers for mothers of boys and girls and teens and small children. Prayers for homeschooling mothers and single parents. We hope these prayers meet you where you are and encourage you in a special way!

Please join us in using the first month of this year to pray over your family, your children, and yourself!

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