A Prayer for Mommy Friends

I have to admit that I have played many roles in my lifetime but being mom is most definitely the hardest one. With four kids, our house is well…. a circus and I am left to be the master of ceremonies, except somehow this MC at times has no control over her show!

prayer for

While I love my kids with all of my heart and I know that God gave me each one of these blessings to raise to be good people. It’s not easy, but I am up for the task that He has assigned me.

One of the most precious gifts that God has given me during my time as a mother, is awesome mommy friends. These are girls that I can cry with (my kid will not sleep!), ask questions without judgement (how do you get human poop out of carpet?) and just live life REAL.

Do you have mommy friends that help get you through motherhood? Say this prayer with me and let’s thank God for each of them.

Dear God,

Thank you so much for surrounding me with moms who are real. These are friends that understand where I am and while they cannot fix the situation, they stand by me without judgement and help me make it through this special time in my life.

Thank you God.


If you have a special friend, make sure to drop them a note or text this Mother’s day and let them know how much their friendship means to you.

In search of mommy friends? Some of my best most authentic friends have come from our church’s moms group. Find a local group in your area, be open and honest and find moms who have children that are similar ages to yours (though, this is not a requirement!).

Do You Have a Special Group of Mommy Friends?

Looking for a sweet gift for your sweet friend? Check out Thank You God for Mommy. It’s a sweet book about a little panda that thanks God for his mommy. A gift, any mom will appreciate!

Who is Molly Thornberg? Molly is someone who loves God, her fabulous husband and their 4 kids. Texas is her home, but she totally hates the heat. After years of being a working mom, she retired that season of life for a new season as a work-at-home mom. This new season can best be described as purposeful insanity. Her days include lots of coffee and kid chasing, and her nights are spent blogging. Molly is the creator of Digital Mom Blog, a site dedicated to moms and technology. She also blogs parenting for Babble. Follow her digital life on Twitter at @DigitalMolly.