A New Year with New Goals

Are you a new year’s resolution-maker? Or perhaps you prefer to approach the new year with new goals, as opposed to calling them resolutions. Either way, a new year is another great way for a fresh start.

But new year’s resolutions can also be so intimidating. And what happens when you find yourself three weeks into the new year and you’ve already messed up?

Here’s what I do:

I ask for forgiveness from myself and I ask for forgiveness from my Father, and then I start all over again.

He washes our mistakes away, and, although it can be hard, it is important for us to follow His example and release ourselves from our failures, too, no matter how big or small they may be.

Release yourself and start over.

Now, once you’ve done that, relish that clean slate. Embrace the fresh start and really give it a good go the next time.

But how do you do that?

I know that if I want my goals to stick, I need to:

  • pray about them and think about them
  • make them achievable
  • make them measurable
  • think about the steps to achieve them.

Then I:

  • pray about them some more
  • decide which ones to share with my husband or others
  • write down each goal and my steps to achieve it.

In one of my SOAP devotionals last month, God pointed out to me that Jesus instructed the disciples to pray that they would not fall into temptation.

This reminded me that I also need to pray to stay away from temptation and to pray to stay on His path.

In making (or re-making) your goals or resolutions for the year, be sure to invite the Holy Spirit into your goal-setting. Ask our Father to guide you. And then ask Him to keep you on track and away from temptation to falter.

He wants you to succeed. He wants you to glorify Him in your role as a mom. And He knows that is hard.

Call out to Him. Ask Him to help you. And ask and then accept forgiveness when that is needed, too.

So, with all that said, are you ready to invite Him in to your resolution-making or goal-setting? What does 2012 hold for you?

Amy is the Mom behind both Mom’s Toolbox and Mom’s Travel Tales. She is a world traveler — in heart, body, and prayer and enjoys sharing her experiences with others. She regularly hosts the Bible in 90 Days read-along. A mother of three young children, Amy writes to equip moms with tools for success whether at home, abroad or in between.