A Mother's Day Note

Today’s blog comes from another Thomas Nelson author. Cheryl Karpen has written a series called Eat Your Peas. These books are full of promises of hope, affirmation, love and encouragement. Check out the titles now available: Eat Your Peas, Mom, Eat Your Peas, Daughter, and Eat Your Peas, Faithfully.

I am 53 years—and a half. And I have never had children. Biologically that is.

As a keen observer of people and life, I am in absolute awe over two types of individuals who shape our world in extraordinary ways. Both give unconditionally their time, love, energy, and hearts. Their work is often thankless. And often goes unrecognized. They are often bashed and criticized for not being quite good enough—by today’s impossible standards. Their efforts aren’t always immediately visible and concrete. Yet, both persevere no matter what heartache or hilarities life throws in their way.

Mothers and teachers, I marvel at you. I praise you!
I hold you in my highest regard and esteem.

Where do you come from? Where do you get the physical and emotional stamina to grow our youth from little people to amazing adults?

The depth of a mother’s love for her children is one of life’s most beautiful marvels. Like God’s love for his children, a mother’s love defies explanation. It is boundless, forgiving, and unconditional. A mother’s love is infinite and everlasting; even when the “kid” turns sixty. After all, as a mother, you are a forever teacher in every sense of the word. Class never ends.

On the other hand, school teachers spend several hours each day making learning fun and challenging while fielding phone calls from parents, as well as disciplining—everyone else’s children. Some teachers are entrusted with more than thirty kids at a time. All day long. Five days a week. I think an extended summer vacation for our teachers is a pretty good idea, don’t you?

Mothers and teachers, I applaud you. You are shaping and grooming our children to be valuable and contributing members of society. The children whose lives you touch through parenting or teaching (or both!) will become scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, missionaries, influencers, inventors, philosophers, landscapers, mothers, fathers, and yes, even teachers.

A special day reserved for moms is only days away. And teachers will soon be wrapping up another school year. Hug yourself. Hug your own mom. And give a verbal hug (or the real thing) to a cherished teacher.

As for me, I will remain eternally in awe of you. Listen carefully. Can you hear me clapping? I’m cheering you on. Loudly!

With boundless gratitude,

Cheryl Karpen