A Godly Heritage

Proverbs 13:22a “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children”

This time of year we are reminded to be thankful for many things… our homes, our vehicles, our jobs, our families, and more. My husband and I enjoy spending time with our extended family during the holiday season. And as the years go by, I am more and more grateful for the Godly heritage that has been passed down in my family. From one generation to the next, we are far from perfect, but a love of God and His ways have been presented as a foundation for the way we live. In Psalms 16, it speaks of having a goodly heritage, and as parents it is now our responsibility to continue that goodly heritage for the next generation.

When my side of the family gathers for Thanksgiving, it is always a blessing to watch the children interact with the different generations… their cousins, their aunts and uncles, my parents, and my grandfather. Whether they realize it or not, when we all sit down to pray together before our meal, or my parents set time aside to do something special with each grandchild, the kids are learning from our family . They are learning how to love each other, how to look to the Lord for guidance, and how to be thankful.

My grandmother was a huge source of spiritual wisdom for me growing up, and I am so thankful that my children now have that blessing of Godly grandparents and great-grandparents to help my husband and I guide them and encourage them. While many families dread holiday get-togethers and the family drama that many times ensues, we are blessed to have a gathering filled with the warmth of the holiday season, multiple generations we learn from, joy and laughter, and a love for each other that comes from the Lord.

I highly recommend reading A Pumpkin Prayer, a board book by Amy Parker, with your little ones this Thanksgiving season. It’s a sweet board book filled with reminders to be thankful for all God’s many blessings!

Angie is a Christian homeschooling mom of four active children ranging in age from 4 to 11. She’s been married to her husband, Jeremy, for fourteen years as they’ve learned to live God’s way, and grown together in His love. Her family is very active in their church, where they’ve attend for the past fourteen years. Angie has recently left the world of diaper bags and babies, and is cautiously approaching life with tweens. She is the creator of My Four Monkeys and you can find her on Twitter at @MyFourMonkeys.