7 Ways to Spoil Dad

While Father’s Day is this month – it only happens one day out of the year.

My husband does so much for our family. It’s day in and day out. The second he is off of work – he is Dad. If the Dad in your family is anything like the Dad in our family – he deserves more than just one special day.

Find ways to make him feel special through out the month, spoil him. He deserves it! Need a few low-cost ideas? Check out these 7 ways to spoil Dad.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Wake up early, get your apron on and cook up your husband’s favorite breakfast! Looking for something new to make? Here is one of my favorite breakfast recipes from the Pioneer Woman, an amazing French Toast with berry butter.

2. Coupons

What dad wouldn’t love a pass on diaper duty, a massage or a night off from dishes? Create several coupons with various offers, hand them out individually or create a set and place them in unsuspecting places.

3. Car Wash

Sneak out one night and give his car a nice cleaning. What better way to be surprised on the way to work then realizing there is no kid goo in the back seat!

4. Unexpected Date Night

Call the sitter, don’t tell the husband and plan a night just for him! Forget the chick flick and girly foods, make this date about him. If he is a steak and action-flick kind of guy, there’s your date for the night.

5. Pray for Your Husband

There is nothing more special that you can do for your husband than pray for him regularly. Spend some time thanking God for this man, the kids you are raising together and your marriage. Do this every day, not just in June!

6. Dad Themed Family Day

With various ages of children in our family, it’s hard to find something we all can do together. Instead of finding one big activity to do with Dad – find several small things that will include time with Dad and each child through out a day.

For older kids, maybe it’s a board game or some outside time playing football or basketball.

With the younger ones, keep it simple, maybe reading a book. If you have a little one under the age of 3, a great book to read about Dad is Thank You God for Daddy by Amy Parker.

Don’t forget to make time for just you and your husband. A little trick my husband and I occasionally do, is cook a quick dinner for the kids earlier than usual and then get them in bed. After the kids are in bed, enjoy cooking a meal together and then eating without having to tend to little ones.

7. Update His Photos

How simple and silly this may sound, but I recently realized that my husband’s wallet is missing photos of 2 of our kids and the photos that he does have are 5 years old. If those photos aren’t up to date, chances are the ones at his office are just as old if not older.

Find a few affordable frames, have some updated photos printed (don’t forget to print those wallets) and surprise him with updated photos of his family!

What ways do you make your husband feel special?

Who is Molly Thornberg? Molly is someone who loves God, her fabulous husband and their 4 kids. Texas is her home, but she totally hates the heat. After years of being a working mom, she retired that season of life for a new season as a work-at-home mom. This new season can best be described as purposeful insanity. Her days include lots of coffee and kid chasing, and her nights are spent blogging. Molly is the creator of Digital Mom Blog, a site dedicated to moms and technology. She also blogs parenting for Babble. Follow her digital life on Twitter at @DigitalMolly.