7 Simple Ways to Create a Life of Thankfulness

It is said that an attitude of gratitude creates a better life. When you appreciate all that is around you, you are happier and more satisfied.
Wow, now if my life can be improved by remembering to give thanks for everything, surely I want my children to have the same. The best way to help raise children with an attitude of gratitude is to have parents that have one as well!
Here is a simple list of 7 things that each of can do or participate in to help create a life of thankfulness.

7 Simple Ways to Create a Life of Thankfulness

1. Start Each Prayer with Thanks
This is something we have made a conscious effort to teach our children. We have so much to thank God for. He deserves all the praise, so instead of unloading a list of prayer requests – I always thank him for what He has done. I mean, if you are going to show thanks to anyone shouldn’t it be God!

2. Write a Thank You Card to Someone Unexpectedly
What better way to make someone’s day than an unexpected card. Maybe it’s as simple as someone complimenting your attire or helping with a task. You were blessed, now bless others!

3. Create a Thank You Jar
Find a jar, stick a notepad and pen next to it and encourage your family to take pause and be grateful for the little things God is doing. This is something fun to do year round (or start now!). Take turns reading out loud on Thanksgiving day.

4. Thank You Journal
Keep a simple journal and write down your thank yous each day. Maybe it’s as simple as “no rain today!” or something big like a new job opportunity. Give thanks and then when you are having a bad day, read your journal. You have so much to be thankful for!

5. Give a Big Tip
While this may not always be feasible, when you can it’s worth it. I have heard several stories from friends who’s pay is tip-based tell of the joys of a larger than normal tip. If you can show appreciation as such, do so!

6. Tell Your Spouse Each Day Why You Are Thankful For Them
What better way to keep that flame alive then to remind your spouse each day that they are loved, appreciated and how thankful you are for them.

7. Say the Words
Those 2 words can mean so much. “Thank You” Sometimes details aren’t even needed, just those words alone will do the trick.

So there you have it, 7 simple ways to help create an attitude of gratitude and a life of thankfulness. Thanks for reading.

Looking for a book to help teach your children gratitude? Hermie can help! Check out Thank You, God, For Blessing Me by Max Lucado.

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