5 Ways to Show Love to Your Kids Today

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Knowing that you are loved is better than any security blanket you could have.

As parents we want to raise healthy, well-adjusted kids that go on to become amazing adults. One of the best ways to achieve that is to allow your child to know that he or she is loved. No matter what they do, no matter how they act, they are loved unconditionally by you.

I Peter 4:8 says,

“Above all, keep your love for one another at full strength, since love covers a multitude of sins.”

What does that mean? When your beloved kiddo commits a wrongdoing you need to correct that behavior, with appropriate consequences if necessary. But be sure that your discipline is done in a loving manner. Your children need to know that even if you are disappointed in their actions your love for them will always remain intact.

Here are five simple ways to show your child that you love them today:

1. Use Your Words. Open up your mouth and simply tell your child that they are loved. Let them know that they are loved simply because they are your child. Stick a note in their lunch box. Put a post-it on their mirror. If they are older and driving, put a note in their car or just send them a text. There is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing an adult say that they never heard their parent tell them they loved them. Don’t be that parent. Say it to them over and over until it is so ingrained that as teenagers they roll their eyes and say, “I know, I know, you love me.” Trust me, deep down they crave it.

2. Do Something For Them. We all have dreaded chores that must be done. Whatever that task may be for your child go help them do it, just because. It is perfect because they are held captive with the duty so you can use that time to communicate to them that they are valued and loved. Even if it is just joining them in making their bed and picking up their room, you are still showing them that you desire to be in their presence and that what they are doing matters.

3. Give Them Something. Gifts don’t have to be expensive or big. What if you picked up a cute new pair of earrings for your daughter while you were buying groceries at the supercenter? For my boys, an inexpensive pocket-sized car will light up their faces. Just knowing that your parent thought of you while they were away conveys a sense of love and security.

4. Do Something With Them. Spending one-on-one time with each of your kids is priceless. For little ones, an ice cream cone at McDonald’s is magical. As they get older, try a weeknight dinner and movie or maybe a window-shopping trip to the mall. Just having your undivided attention lets your child know that you love them and are willing to set aside time just for them.

5. Give Them A Hug. This isn’t so hard when they are little, although I did have one that just was not a cuddler. I still pulled him in my lap and held him and told him he was loved. Physically hugging your teenager is just as important as hugging your toddler. If they are typical they will shrink away from it, but they might still appreciate a good back rub or back scratch, a squeeze of the hand, a ruffle of the hair. It all goes a long way in conveying your love and affection towards your child.

Children that know they are loved exude a confidence that radiates. When a child is loved they become more self-confident. A child that is loved is better equipped to handle those bumps along the road. Help your child achieve that by showering them in your love.