5 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy on a Cold Day

The cold winter months of winter are here. Even though we call Texas home – this winter has already brought us 2 snow falls and near freezing temperatures for the last several weeks. We were wearing shorts and flip flops up until November and them WHAM! COLD!

With 4 kids, finding indoor activities to keep everyone busy is a must — especially for our 2 toddlers who are home all day. If you are stuck in the cold and need a few ideas to help with keeping the kids busy, check out these 5 ideas:

5 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy on a Cold Day

At Home Movie Theater
No media room or fancy TV required… just a little imagination! Make some popcorn, create tickets and recreate the environment of a movie theater in the comforts of your own home.

Check out how this mom made a drive-in movie theater for her living room!
● Need a movie suggestion? Tommy Nelson has several great Christian titles for kids.

Go Bowling in the Kitchen
Our family loves to go bowling, but it’s expensive and the toddlers don’t last long because they can’t play. Setup a bowling alley in your kitchen! Using a few products from around the house, your kitchen can be converted to a bowling alley in minutes!
View pop bottle bowling tutorial by Hands on We Grow

Story Time
While we try to read to the kids at night, throw an unexpected story time. Make sure to use different voices for all of the books characters and maybe throw in a prop or two to help make the story time extra special.

● One of our favorite books is the Three Little Pigs. It’s a story that never gets old and that can be acted out.

Have an Indoor Picnic
Pull out an old comforter, lay it on the ground and throw an indoor picnic. This is a fun way to spruce up sandwiches and fruit on a cold day.

Here are some fun sandwiches your kids would love.

Throw an Impromptu Dance Party
Release that energy by throwing an impromptu dance party! Use masking tape and make a dance floor. Turn up the music and get that energy OUT!

● Check out Tommy Nelson’s list of audio titles.

What is your favorite indoor activity with your kids?

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