5 Fun Ways to Memorize Scripture as a Family

ways to memorize scriptureWe talk about God and do Bible studies regularly in our house but earlier this Summer, I realized something concerning.

My kids didn’t really know scripture.

Oh, they could pray and tell you how much God loves them. They could talk about Bible stories and how to apply the lessons found in the Bible to their own lives but they really couldn’t quote Bible verses.

I grew up going to church four times a week and often, we memorized scripture at Bible club or in children’s church. But scripture memory seems to be a lost art in most families these days (ahem, including mine).

I decided this needed to change and since, we’ve been working on simple but fun activities to help our kids learn the Word. I’m sharing a few ideas below in case you, like me, have felt the nudge to be intentional about hiding God’s Word in your children’s hearts.

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5 Ways to Memorize Scripture as a Family
    1. Keep it in Sight. It sounds simple but this is something we often forget. Keeping Bible verses on display in the center of our homes where our family gathers is the first step to getting it into the hearts of our kids. Putting God’s Word on display not only helps family members learn scripture, it also communicates that the Bible is a valued part of our family culture.
    2. Make it Fun. This summer we played this Pool Noodle Bible Memory Verse activity and my kids quickly learned the verses we studied this way. There are many activities out there on the internet. Do a quick search for ways to memorize scripture or use your noodle and start with this one! (after all, Summer is just about over so what better way to re-purpose those pool toys?!)
    3. Find Simple Verses. Use a book like the upcoming, 100 Favorite Bible Verses for Children to discover simple verses your kids can learn! There are many short but important Bible verses kids can remember easily. You can start with this post on simple Bible verses kids can memorize.
    4. Use Music. My kids and I love to listen to worship music and it’s even better when that music is made for kids and directly based on Bible verses. Our favorite right now is Doorpost Songs Family Worship. Their album, This is Love has been on repeat in my car for the past year! Doorpost Songs not only offers music that will help your family learn scripture, they also provide family worship kits so you can take it one step further and study the Word together!
    5. Pray the Word. As adults, we often think of quoting scripture when we pray but we can also speak the Word of God aloud over our kids when we pray with and for them. Spend some time searching for and then writing down 3-5 verses you can pray aloud at dinner or bedtime.

Scripture memory is not just for our kids. We adults also need to continue to memorize God’s Word so we can recall it in the moment, when we need it most!


What are some of your favorite ways to memorize scripture as a family?

ways to memorize scriptureMake sure you check out this precious book (coming in October). 100 Favorite Bible Verses for Children is the perfect place to start to find simple scriptures your kids can memorize plus it includes a short devotional to go with each one!

ways to memorize scripture

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