5 Easy Christmas Traditions

Back in October, I talked about the importance of family traditions, and shared about one of our favorite Fall activities. Traditions can be everyday occurrences, or special moments saved only for holiday celebrations. Many families have at least one holiday tradition, something they look forward to all year long!

When you get married, you bring along all the traditions from your family. Between you and your husband, that can be an overabundance of traditions! It wasn’t until my husband and I started having children, that we began picking and choosing which traditions from our families to continue. We also created some of our own, unique to our children and us. Creating traditions can be so fun! And like keepsakes from years past, traditions are something special that are passed down from one generation to the next.

Here are five Christmas traditions that would be easy to start in your family!

1. Decorating the Christmas Tree: This is one of the easiest holiday traditions to have. Fix some hot cocoa, put on some Christmas music, and get to work decorating your family’s Christmas tree together!

2. Read the Christmas Story: At our house, we read the Christmas story every Christmas morning straight from the Bible. It’s a reminder of the true meaning of the season, and a moment for us to reflect as a family on the marvelous gift of Christ. If you have little ones that you think wouldn’t understand the story directly from the Bible, the Christmas Angels Read and Share board book by Gwen Ellis is perfect!

3. Baking Pies or Holiday Treats: Every year, my children look forward to baking pies with my mom. Each grandchild gets to bake their own pie, and they are always so proud of their finished sweet treats. When we cut into those pies on Christmas day, you can almost taste the love that went into them!

4. Looking at Christmas Lights: Close to our home, there is one house that is always decorated to the max! Every year, we take an evening trip sometime close to Christmas (usually Christmas Eve) and go see the lights and decorations in our community. We make the night even more special, by enjoying some homemade pizza and Christmas cookies when we return home!

5. Visiting Santa: Remember sitting on Santa’s lap as a child, in awe at the beard, and the suit? Even though my children are well aware that Santa isn’t real, they still appreciate the fact that he embodies the Christmas spirit. So each year, along with their cousins, we make a trip to visit Santa. It’s become quite the tradition as our extended family grows, and we all treasure the pictures each year!

Angie is a Christian homeschooling mom of four active children ranging in age from 4 to 11. She’s been married to her husband, Jeremy, for fourteen years as they’ve learned to live God’s way, and grown together in His love. Her family is very active in their church, where they’ve attend for the past fourteen years. Angie has recently left the world of diaper bags and babies, and is cautiously approaching life with tweens. She is the creator of My Four Monkeys and you can find her on Twitter at @MyFourMonkeys.