4 Fun Family Activities We Are Enjoying This Fall

Hello Fall! I have so missed you! The family is just as elated as I am to see your sweet cool face arrive and for that dreaded hot Summer heat to go away. So now that you are here, let’s talk about what are plans are for the next few months before Winter arrives.

4 Fun Family Activities We Are Enjoying This Fall

Pumpkin Patch
While the pumpkin patches around our (non) woods are lame (they bring pumpkins in from out of state and lay them out on acreage, since our heat tends to kill off the patches!) – we still love them! Our favorite pumpkin patch has free admission, though we do typically spend a few bucks on a pumpkin. The photo ops are priceless and the acres of land for the kids to run around on is a great way to release energy!

Trees Changing Colors
Where we live, there are no trees. Okay, that’s a lie. There are a few. Our house came with 3. It’s quite sad in my opinion. So typically in Fall – we drive somewhere to embrace trees. Watching the trees change colors has always been a love of mine. The beauty of Autumn colors in nature, just goes to show that God is indeed an artist
State Fair of Texas
Seeing that we live in Texas, and not too terribly far from the fair grounds – our family will be heading to say “HOWDY!” to fried foods, fun rides and making great memories.

Rest and Relaxation
October and early November are always less hectic in way of schedules go. The last 2 years, we’ve opted out of Fall sports due to little babies being born and not wanting life to go TOO haywire. We will enjoy this time of rest and relaxation, as we all know how crazy the holidays can get! Spend some time with your kids, read, relax, rest and enjoy. (If you need a reading suggestion, you must check out Sarah Young’s new bible storybook for kids – Jesus Calling® Bible Storybook).

What Does Your Family Look Forward to During the Fall Season?

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