3 Ways to Steal Gratitude from your Children

Stealing Gratitude

Thank you.

Two simple words, yet they mean so much.

When said with warmth, sincerity and integrity, they communicate love and appreciation.

Yet when said with sarcasm and guilt, they leave you feeling worse than you did before.

Ironically, these are also some of the first words we teach our children to respond with.

In fact, we taught our kids to sign “thank you” before they could even speak. So while they know when to say it, I can’t say it’s always filled with those aforementioned emotions of sincerity. And the truth is, when our children are young, they usually respond with it after we gently nudge them or give them that look (you know which look I mean, parents).

And while I’d agree that it’s important for our kids to express gratitude even before they exactly know why they’re doing it, I’d say it’s equally important for us to work on instilling the principle of gratitude within our children each and every day. We don’t simply want the concept of gratitude to understood, but instead to be something they embrace daily, especially as they get older and move out from under our roof.

So how do we do that as parents?

Perhaps I can help you more with what I’ve learned NOT to do rather than simply giving you a list of foolproof ideas of what’s worked with my kids (because after all, there is no such thing since every child is different on any given day). And to be honest, I may have learned more from my failures as a parent than I have from what I’ve done well.

So with that, head over to visit our friends at Faithgateway Family where I’m sharing 3 ways guaranteed to steal gratitude from your kids: