12 Ways to Say I Love You (Without Words)

In the brand new book, I Love You Just Because, a little bear learns that his parents love him always and forever and for no reason at all. There’s nothing he can do to earn their love, nothing he can do to destroy it. They love him no matter what.

I Love You Just Because

I’m sure you tell your kids that you love them all the time, but there are some more subtle ways you can show them your love that might mean just as much – or even more. Try one or more of the following.

12 Ways to Say I Love You Without Words

  1. Hug them and hold on a little longer than normal.
  2. Kiss them, even when they protest a little.
  3. Let them sit on your lap. To watch TV. To read a book. Just to cuddle. If your kids are anything like mine, they will sit on your lap for an hour, just to be close.
  4. Watch their favorite TV show or movie. Sit close enough to put your arm around them.
  5. Ask what they want to play and then play it happily for at least 10-15 minutes.
  6. Send them mail, real mail with stamps that will arrive in the real mailbox. Put in stickers or tattoos or something else they really love.
  7. Take them on one-on-one dates. Make the dates special. See a show at the kids’ theater. Go out to their favorite restaurant (my daughter especially likes buffets and Red Robin, bottomless fries?!) and order dessert. Go fishing or boating or whatever they like to do. Offer suggestions, but let them choose the activity.
  8. Do a craft together, but don’t criticize or offer suggestions on what theirs should look like. Let them create their own vision, and then praise it like it’s a priceless masterpiece (because it is).
  9. Do one of their household jobs for them.
  10. Play a game together, any old game. Board game, card game, video game. Let them choose and give it your undivided attention.
  11. Watch videos of them (you know, from when they were littler) together.
  12. Listen to them when they’re speaking to you. I know you’re busy, and they want to talk at the least convenient times, but look them in the eye and pay attention when they’re talking.

I wrote a list of 75 ways to love your kids – some with words, some without, and I’d love to share the rest of the list with you. Hop on over to Feels Like Home to read it.


What’s your favorite way to say I Love You to your children without using words?

12 Ways to Say I Love You Without Words

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