10 Rules for Our Family's Summer Vacation

There are just a few weeks left in the school year until your kids are out for the summer! What are your plans? What will you be doing?

For us, this summer is a first for us to have 4 kids all at home. We are going to make it the BEST summer possible, despite a few expected hiccups.

To be honest, I am really NOT the rule follower. This summer, I want to make sure the kids aren’t stuck on the couch watching reruns or playing silly games on the computer. In order to make sure our summer is successful, I wrote up some rules for our family. I’m hoping these rules will help my husband and I keep focus on our kids and what they experience during their 2 months off of school.

Here are our 10 rules for our family’s summer vacation:

Trust God
This summer we are planning a move. We don’t know where to. This is just one of many things we plan to trust God on during this season of our lives and of Summer.

Make Memories
Without memories, yesterday would be nothing. Whether it’s taking silly photos or doing something random – we will be doing what we can to make memories that last beyond just tomorrow.

Sleep In
This one is for Mom! I love sleep, but during the school year – the school kids must be up at 6:40 am. It never fails that the babies soon wake up by the commotion of the other kids. I’ve put this down as a “speak it forward” item.

Be Active
Oh the lazy days of summer. While outside in the Texas heat can get HOT – we’ll be finding ways to move and be active indoors.

Make Friends
Our kids only know this neighborhood. We are finding ways for them to connect with other kids their ages through church and sports in hopes of them continuing to make new friends.

Try Something New
One way I hope to encourage our kids in trying something new is with food. We tend to stick to a regular meal menu – hopefully this summer I can change this up.

Give Back
Summer offers numerous opportunities for giving back. Our neighbors have invited us to volunteer with their family at a homeless shelter. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with our older kids (and our younger kids when the time is right!).

Laugh – A LOT
Laughter is good for the soul. Find ways to laugh when you spill the milk or find your toddler playing in the toilet. This is something I personally am trying to work on! (Our toddler plays in the toilet, daily.)

Keep God Centered in Our Family
Like a good friend, there is always something new to learn. My hope for our kids (and ourselves!) is for my husband and I to continue to introduce God into our family’s day to day.

Take Risks
Putting our house on the market, in this market is a risk. I have a feeling this is just one of many risks we will be taking this Summer as we find our next home.

Do you setup rules for your family and summer? What are they?

Looking for a summer read for a middle schooler? Check out: No Place Like Holmes, The Confessions of April Grace.

Who is Molly Thornberg? Molly is someone who loves God, her fabulous husband and their 4 kids. Texas is her home, but she totally hates the heat. After years of being a working mom, she retired that season of life for a new season as a work-at-home mom. This new season can best be described as purposeful insanity. Her days include lots of coffee and kid chasing, and her nights are spent blogging. Molly is the creator of Digital Mom Blog, a site dedicated to moms and technology. She also blogs parenting for Babble. Follow her digital life on Twitter at @DigitalMolly.