10 Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Jesus This Easter

All month long, we’ve shared ideas for celebrating Jesus instead of the Easter Bunny, but many of them have focused on the season of Lent.

It’s a little late for Lent, so let’s give up on that goal for 2013.

Celebrating Jesus now – the weekend of Easter – is better than not celebrating Him at all. Don’t let a late start intimidate you. There are lots of ways for you to share the real story of Easter with your children, even if you wait until the day before or Easter Sunday.

Here are 10 quick suggestions:

1. Tell the Easter story with Resurrection Eggs. – This one will require either a trip to the Christian bookstore or some resourcefulness on your part. Basically, you fill each of a dozen plastic Easter eggs with an item that represents part of the Easter story. My set has a donkey, dice, a cross, a stoneā€¦ you get the idea.

2. Read a book like An Easter Prayer or The Story of Easter.

3. Read the Bible. – Aren’t we so lucky that God has given us a written record of the death and resurrection of Christ? If your kids are a little older, go right to the Bible and read the Easter story. If they’re not ready for that, choose a story or kids Bible for the reading.

4. Make an Easter wreath. – This blog post has free printables that you can cut out and help your kids assemble into a wreath. It covers the whole Easter story from Palm Sunday to Pentecost.

5. Make a Paid in Full cross. – I think this idea is brilliant. Start with a wooden or cardboard cross. Paint it a pretty metallic color then cover it with shiny coins to show that Jesus paid the debt for our sins.


6. Plant some bulbs. – Jesus rose from a dead, lifeless body. Show your kids life from the lifeless by planting some flower bulbs together. It’s not an instant gratification-type activity, but a book like The Parable of the Lily would help to get the point across.

7. Make resurrection rolls. – I’ve seen this idea all over the internet, and it’s always basically the same. You roll marshmallows in butter and spices, then wrap it up in a crescent roll. Bake them, and the marshmallows disappear. Are you following the analogy?

8. Bake a tomb cake. – My kids love to cook with me. A tomb cake is basically a bundt cake, cut in half and laid on its side. Decorate it to look like there’s grass around it, and stick a little flag in the top that says He Is Risen!

9. Make Easter story cookies. – These are very different from the resurrection rolls above. Each ingredient in these cookies illustrates a part of the story, from Jesus’ body being beaten to being given vinegar to drink to sealing up the tomb. After they’re all mixed, you leave the cookies in the cooling oven overnight and wake to find a sweet reward. These are on my list for this year.

10. Play a game. – Many games can be altered to an Easter theme. This egg race and bocce ball type game are fun, and the blog author has included an Easter lesson in with the instructions. It couldn’t be easier!

Need more ideas? I found this article from Focus on the Family after I’d finished my list of 10 things, but it’s got 17 more interesting and fairly quick ideas!

Tara Ziegmont is a professional blogger, blog coach, and SEO specialist. She created an internationally-syndicated, award-winning blog called Feels Like Home in 2007 and continues to publish it today. Tara homeschools the older of her two crazy children and lives an old-school back-to-basics frugal lifestyle while working full-time from home.