Family Friday Night

Written by: | September 19, 2014

In my college and early married years, I couldn’t imagine a Friday night spent at home. As an extrovert, I was always ready to be going, doing, and hanging out with anyone and everyone. Friday nights were meant to be spent out and about. While I remain my very...
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Helping Your Kids Express Everyday Gratitude

Written by: | September 18, 2014

Finding ways to grumble and complain is easy.  Choosing to look for ways to express gratitude can seem like one of those dreaded last chance workouts on the hit series, The Biggest Loser. Disciplining ourselves in any area takes work; whether it be eating healthier, exercising, reading our Bible...
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Helping Your Child Trust God in Tough Times

Written by: | September 11, 2014

Today, on the 13th anniversary of 9/11, we remember and pray for those whose lives were forever changed by the tragedy that took place on that day. We are thankful for those who did and continue to step up to serve this great nation and protect each one and...
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28 Fun Fall Family Activities

Written by: | September 9, 2014

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – Anne of Green Gables It’s about to be my favorite time of year. FALL. There’s something about this season that I look forward to the most. Maybe it’s the smell of bonfires in the air or the...
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Passing On A Family Legacy One Story At A Time

Written by: | September 4, 2014

I was blessed to have grown up in a family with multiple generations of grandparents. My great-great-grandma Clara was 98 when she went to be with the Lord seven years ago. My great-grandma Lillie departed from us just two years ago. With her passing a great big gaping hole...
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Great Holiday Conversations! Labor Day Edition

Written by: | August 29, 2014

When I was a kid, Labor Day meant the last fun weekend before school started.  I never knew there was a whole, interesting history to the holiday. Check it out.  It’s worth a search through Wikipedia. Learning the history behind the celebration stirs up fantastic mealtime conversation.  Our whole...
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Asking Your Kids for Forgiveness

Written by: | August 28, 2014

Forgive ~ stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for an offense, flaw, or mistake. We’ve worked hard to teach our kids the difference between saying, “I’m sorry” and “Will you forgive me?”  They are usually quick to say they are sorry for a wrong action, but to ask...
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Raising Brave Girls In A Self-Centered World

Written by: | August 26, 2014

It’s important that we raise young girls that are brave. Bravery can take on many forms. Being brave might look like being adventurous, not caring about a particular outcome, or even pushing aside anyone that gets in our way on the path to our dreams. This isn’t the bravery...
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School Day Prayers

Written by: | August 22, 2014

  In my years of teaching elementary school, I don’t know who was more nervous on the first day of school: the students, the parents, or the teachers! I do know that what was an exciting day for many kids as they reunited with friends and looked forward to...
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Combatting Selfishness In Little Ones

Written by: | August 21, 2014

I remember the first time my kids got in a real fight (my oldest is three, so it wasn’t that long ago). We were enjoying a peaceful morning when suddenly it was disrupted by screeching. I rounded the corner and found two of my kids, each holding one end...
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5 Family Fun Ideas for Teaching Your Child the Bible

Written by: | August 15, 2014

Children often times are growing up in American churches and homes less biblically literate than previous generations.   It is so important as a parent that we are intentional about teaching our children the truth of God’s Word and guiding them to become rooted in their faith. What an amazing...
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