The Best Summer Devotional Books for Kids

Written by: | May 19, 2017

summer devotional books for kids
The lazy days of summer are right around the corner. Who’s excited?? Actually, if I’m honest, I’m not that excited. See, I work full time, so our days are the same whether school is in session or not. We get up in the morning, eat breakfast together, I head...
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Teach Kids that God’s Mercies Are New Every Morning

Written by: | May 15, 2017

My daughter is a quarter of the way through 7th grade. If there’s anything I remember about 7th grade, it’s that everything is awkward. Your body is changing which kicks in all sorts of insecurities. You’re trying super hard to be accepted and be considered “cool.” As the only...
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To the Hurting Mom on Mother’s Day

Written by: | May 12, 2017

With all of the Mother’s Day love flowing everywhere, we forget that not every mom is getting flowers and cards.  Some mothers are hurting this year.  Those women who have lost a child, or have a prodigal, are feeling the loss even more during this season. I understand.  I...
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Make Summer Reading Fun for Kids

Written by: | May 10, 2017

summer reading
Reading is not something that needs to be forced in our house. My boys love to read, but they don’t always make the time for it. During the school year, they read books, but mostly to fulfill reading requirements  and complete book reports. While they often get to choose...
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Unique Ways to Honor Grandmas this Mother’s Day

Written by: | May 8, 2017

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to honor grandmas. But it’s a bittersweet day for me because on Mother’s Day, my children don’t get the chance to love on my or my husband’s mom. We lost them both over the past 8 years leaving my young children without the...
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4 Ways to Prepare Kids for a New Sibling

Written by: | May 1, 2017

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Psalm 127:3 Bringing home a new baby is life changing. Whether it is your first or your eighth, adding another child to your family creates a new dynamic, and until that new baby is...
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Helping Your Kids Thrive This Summer

Written by: | April 28, 2017

Summer is all about fun and frolic, tossing schedules out the window, right? Not exactly, according to Chrys Howard, co-author of “Duck Commander Happy, Happy, Happy Stories for Kids”. “Summer to me is like New Years all over again; you can start something new. It’s an awesome time to...
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Unique Ways to Thanks Teachers at the End of the School Year

Written by: | April 24, 2017

We all know educators in our circle of influence.  Whether at public or private school, homeschool co-ops, home educators, church, or someplace else.  Teachers are amazing, simply put!  Some teachers do it for a job, but most, teach out of an abundant heart of love.  It’s their calling.  We...
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Surviving Standardized Tests: Encouragement for Every Child

Written by: | April 21, 2017

standardized tests
The word “test” can strike fear into the heart of kid and bring out the best in another. I was more of the latter as a child. I saw tests as a great challenge. I took them very seriously, but they didn’t scare me. This attitude served me well...
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Embracing Fresh Grace through an Ugly Season

Written by: | April 19, 2017

She rubbed her eyes in the early morning hours, bone weary and emotionally exhausted. To watch as her dear friend and teacher, Jesus, was crucified was simply more than her heart could bear. He did not deserve the torture he received and yet those words, those haunting words he...
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What Does It Mean to Have Self-Control?

Written by: | April 17, 2017

Last week one of my boys took his brother’s favorite toy and hid it.  The little brother had been a nuisance and older brother got tired of it.  It had been a hard day for everyone, but the hiding of the toy was a new low for us.  I...
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What Does It Mean To Be Honest?

Written by: | April 14, 2017

The definition of honesty is to be free of deceit and untruthfulness. It’s a beautiful virtue that we desire for our kids to bestow. The honest truth is that it can be hard, especially when we’ve done something wrong. So, how do we teach our kids what it means...
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