Tommy Nelson Christmas Gift Guide (age 0-5 years)

Written by: | December 2, 2016

I started my collection of children’s Christmas books before we even had children. Yes, I was a music teacher, so most of them were for my classroom, but I couldn’t wait for the day I could snuggle up to read them with my own little ones. My oldest is...
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3 Strategies To Prepare Your Heart For Christmas

Written by: | November 30, 2016

I recently confessed that last Christmas was a disaster for me personally. Despite how that sounds, I am not a scrooge.  Every year when the sparkles and lights of Christmas decor start to show up in stores, I am taken back to all those cozy Christmas memories I have...
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Helping Kids Understand God’s Place in History and Tradition

Written by: | November 28, 2016

I’ve always loved fall best of all. There are so many reasons, but I think it comes mainly from all the wonderful family memories made in the fall. Tradition plays a big role in those family memories and I’m making them with my own family now. A visit to...
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3 Ways to Help Your Kids Finish Well This Year

Written by: | November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving week is the perfect time to think about the end of the year. As we reflect on our blessings, it’s natural to look back over the past 11 months and consider how far we’ve come (and get honest about all we’d hoped for that remains yet to be)....
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3 Ways to Cultivate a Heart of Thanksgiving in Your Home

Written by: | November 21, 2016

Everyone is thankful in our home… all the time… every day. Whenever I make a delicious meal, I hear a chorus of “thank yous” from all members of the family. When we go to the store, I never hear the “gimme gimme” song from my kids… I may hear...
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5 Scriptures that Share God’s Love

Written by: | November 18, 2016

Sometimes you just need a boost of love.  Between holidays and elections and keeping up with school, work, kids, church, etc. we all need a love-boost! There’s no place better to find that boost than the Bible.  It is filled with love.  Love for us, love for one another,...
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Teaching Girls to Embrace their Unique Style

Written by: | November 16, 2016

From an early age, we knew our daughter would stand out from the crowd. Even as a toddler, she would gravitate towards clothes that were shades of blue, red or black amidst the typical pinks and purples. By the age of three, she was giving unsolicited fashion advice to...
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6 Reasons to be Thankful for our Good, Good Father

Written by: | November 11, 2016

Happy kid in autumn park portrait
A very sweet book came out last month called Good, Good Father. It’s a children’s book (bet you wouldn’t have guessed that!), and it was inspired by the hit Chris Tomlin song with the same title. When I looked through the book recently, I was struck with gratitude for...
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Teaching Children to Pray Beyond Bedtime

Written by: | November 9, 2016

Praying at bedtime is a wonderful way to build a prayer routine that lasts for a lifetime.  The quiet and still moments just before drifting off to sleep are a wonderful time of day for a child to remember the love of the heavenly Father and their earthly parents....
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What Do We Do When God Doesn’t Answer Our Prayers?

Written by: | November 7, 2016

There is a deep pain that comes along with praying a prayer that hasn’t been answered. We could be praying for anything from financial provision to a spouse’s salvation, but whatever the prayer, it hurts when the situation remains without the supernatural touch you were hoping for. The Bible...
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Teaching Kids It’s OK to Ask Questions About God

Written by: | November 4, 2016

pensive teenager sitting on roof the house
Every school day morning I sit around the table with my kids and we read a devotional book and a chapter of the Bible. My seven younger kids range from 6-16 years old, and they are all adopted. Some days they are gung-ho about God and all they are...
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A Halloween Prayer For Parents

Written by: | October 28, 2016

It’s Halloween night and kids out of school are dressed like a witch, a vampire, a ghoul. These scary masks cover each sweet little face as children run rampant all over the place. Their quest is for candy; their goal is to make their hearts race with sugar and...
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