9 Bible Verses To Memorize as a Family This Fall

Written by: | October 18, 2017

Bible Verses to Memorize as a family
I know I am not alone in saying that fall is one of my favorite times of the year!  It’s the beautiful leaves, the coziness that comes from cooler weather, the anticipation of the holidays just around the corner.  But more than anything, fall is my favorite because something...
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5 Conversations about God And Science to Have with Your Kids

Written by: | October 16, 2017

5 Conversations about God and Science to Have with Your Kids
As a junior in high school, I remember going on a mission’s trip to Provo, Utah.  Every morning as we started our vacation Bible school, I stood before a great wall of mountains.  It literally took my breath away!  I now know the literal meaning of this phrase!  There...
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5 Ways to Teach Children the Bible

Written by: | October 13, 2017

teach children the bible
Teach children the Bible and build faith by incorporating one or more of these 5 simple activities in your home and family life. How many of us don’t teach our children the Bible because we feel ill-equipped? Several years ago, my daughter said to my husband, “Dad, I am...
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Pumpkin Recipe Roundup

Written by: | October 9, 2017

Pumpkin Recipe
Like many Americans, I love Autumn. I grew up in Texas, but my love for this time of year came when I lived in New England for 4 1/2 years. The brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows that dotted the streets; the apple picking followed by applesauce, apple butter, and...
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Teaching Kids that Friendship is More Important than Success

Written by: | October 6, 2017

teaching kids friendship
When I think of friendship, I think of Jonathan and David. The story unfolds in 1 Samuel, with two young men growing up in the same home and forming a natural bond. This seems pretty normal, but Jonathan and David’s story is far from ordinary. Jonathan was the king’s...
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13 Bible Verses to Help Kids Overcome Fear

Written by: | October 2, 2017

Bible Verses to Help Kids Overcome Fear
Afraid of the dark, scared of spiders, worried about thunder – these are normal kid things. And they are very real to the kids who are afraid. Then there are very big, very real fears that come from horrific events like what unfolded in Las Vegas last night. As...
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God’s Awesome, Overwhelming Design of Space

Written by: | September 27, 2017

I’ll never forget those summers at music camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota, laying on the grass in between the cabins, looking at stars you can only see far away from any city. It was the first time I remember really seeing a shooting star, followed by...
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God’s Awesome, Creative Design of All Creatures Great and Small

Written by: | September 25, 2017

A few years ago in our little homeschool we decided to do a study on God’s creatures.  We spent one semester learning about land animals and the next learning about sea and air creatures.  It was kind of a quick decision.  I needed a science class and these books were...
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God’s Awesome Beautiful Design of the Earth

Written by: | September 22, 2017

earth, genesis, god's design
Last month I celebrated my 40th birthday. It felt like a milestone, like a much bigger deal than when I reached 20 or 30. I wanted it to be special, so for our family celebration, I opted to be in nature. With my favorite people, hiking in the great...
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Child of a King… created in HIS image

Written by: | September 18, 2017

It’s back to school season… a time for school clothes shopping, last minute summer plans, and early morning routines! It’s a time for nerves to get a little jittery as the kiddos walk into new classrooms, meet new teachers and see old friends. What better way to prepare you...
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5 Ways to Help Kids Understand their Blessings

Written by: | September 15, 2017

help kids understand their blessings
We have a blessings jar in our kitchen and we add small strips of paper to it regularly to remember that for which we are thankful. I made the jar years ago in my MOPS group so it’s been around for a while. If you take a peek inside,...
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How to Hear (and Trust) God’s Voice

Written by: | September 11, 2017

God's voice
As I sat down to write this post, I watched my cursor blink repeatedly for quite some time. I don’t take this privilege lightly of getting to speak into your lives as parents and as such, I pray over and, ultimately, choose my words carefully. But not too carefully....
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