Encouraging an Active Family Lifestyle

Written by: | August 16, 2017

active family lifestyle
Encourage an active family lifestyle even if you don’t love sports or outdoor activities. These small changes can make a big impact on your family life! There was a time in our life as a family where our children didn’t want to play outside. They didn’t want to go...
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5 Fun Ways to Memorize Scripture as a Family

Written by: | August 14, 2017

ways to memorize scripture
We talk about God and do Bible studies regularly in our house but earlier this Summer, I realized something concerning. My kids didn’t really know scripture. Oh, they could pray and tell you how much God loves them. They could talk about Bible stories and how to apply the...
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Back-To-School Prayers

Written by: | August 11, 2017

back-to-school prayers
Focus on these four areas of back-to-school prayers for your kids’ journey through the year…friendships, academics, self-confidence, & their school and teachers. It’s back to school time! Most of you are sending your kids back for another year of school. For this mom living in South Africa, my kids...
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How to Help Kids Sleep Soundly in the Comfort of God’s Safety

Written by: | August 9, 2017

Help kids sleep soundly
Help kids sleep soundly in the comfort of God’s safety with these four tips and Bible verses from a seasoned mom! The covers have been tucked, pillows fluffed, and you walk into the hall with a smile and slight sigh of relief only to hear, “Mommy! Daddy?!” You immediately...
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Making End of Summer Goals (or an 11th Hour Bucket List!)

Written by: | August 4, 2017

end of summer goals
Making End of Summer Goals with Lisa Pennington Well, summer is almost over and here I am not accomplishing all of my summer goals.  I had such big plans.  I was going to clean out my storage building and have all of our homeschool courses organized for next year and get my...
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Simple Advice for a New Homeschooling Mom

Written by: | August 2, 2017

advice for a new homeschooling mom
I remember my first year of homeschooling. It was the year of the OJ Simpson drama, $4.08 movie tickets, and The Lion King hitting theaters. 1994 seems like a long time ago, and I’ve graduated three homeschoolers since then. Yet, I also still have a lo-n-n-n-n-g way to go....
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4 Ways to Teach Your Child to Finish Strong

Written by: | July 31, 2017

Teach your child to finish strong
The season is halfway through, but your child doesn’t want to play on the team anymore. The other players are having difficulty showing up for all the agreed practices and the games haven’t been going well. Quitting right now would be so easy! Rather than using the circumstances as...
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20 of The Best Read-Aloud Books for Christian Families

Written by: | July 26, 2017

read aloud books for christian families
Enjoy quality time together with these 20 best read aloud books for Christian families. These stories and devotions will connect you to God and each other! Just last week, snuggled in my lap like a toddler, my eight-year old daughter listened intently as I read her yet another book...
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5 Conversations to Have With Your Daughter Before She Heads Back to School

Written by: | July 24, 2017

Conversations to Have With Your Daughter
It’s hard to believe we’re already even mentioning the phrase “Back to School”, but for those of us here in Middle Tennessee, our kids actually go back next week. In the flash of an eye, I’m forced to re-examine all the plans and poignant moments I had planned for...
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Teach Kids to Have Faith Like Noah in a World Full of Doubt

Written by: | July 21, 2017

faith like noah
How do we teach our kids to have big faith when the world we live in wants us to question everything? It’s not enough to “just believe” in something any more. Everyone wants a WHY! This is the same problem that Noah faced thousands of years ago! Can you...
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How Do We Know God Is Who He Says He Is?

Written by: | July 17, 2017

How Do We Know God Is
We are a (fairly new) homeschool family, and as I am preparing and looking at curriculum for this next year, I have been searching for something that will assist me in teaching my kids some basic doctrines of the Christian faith. My kids are still quite young, with four...
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8 Tips to Help You Connect with Your Daughter

Written by: | July 14, 2017

connect with your daughter
Girls. They have all the feelings and opinions and ideas about how they can do things better than you. As they get older it can become harder and harder to connect with your daughter.  I love my girls, but there are times when I feel like I can’t make...
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