5 Small Christmas Traditions the Make a BIG Impact

Written by: | December 15, 2017

Small Christmas traditions that make big impact.
Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions? Doing some of the same things year after year adds that special sparkle to the fun and excitement!  Besides the tree and the gifts and stringing lights across the front of the house, we have a few small traditions that make a...
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Lasting Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys

Written by: | December 11, 2017

Lasting Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys
Almost every day for the past couple weeks I hear a new Christmas present request from my kids.  There is so much excitement, and so many possibilities for what might be waiting for them under the tree!  But if you are anything like me, you are not looking forward...
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Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Girls

Written by: | December 8, 2017

Meangingful Christmas gifts for girls.
Gift giving is my very favorite which is probably why I love this time of year! My youngest child, Sophia is already feverishly writing (and re-writing) her list. Her selections are your typical toys, stuffed animals and craft kits, which is okay, but I also like to add in...
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How God Can Use Kids to Do Big Things for Him

Written by: | December 6, 2017

How God can use kids to do big things for him.
And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:2-4 Jesus makes it very...
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3 Ways to Connect with Extended Family This Christmas

Written by: | December 4, 2017

Great ideas for ways to connect with extended family this Christmas.
I was blessed to grow up with an extended family who gathered regularly. My mom had five siblings and they have continued to gather for holidays, adding children and grandchildren over the years. Our Christmas gatherings have always been particularly epic, with up to 50 of us celebrating together...
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Non-Toy Gift Ideas that Keep the Meaning in Christmas

Written by: | November 29, 2017

Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Kids
I don’t know about you, but we have plenty of stuff in our house. My kids are slowly growing out of the toy phase and into more “grown up” things like electronics and hobbies but still, we have accumulated plenty of Legos and doll accessories over the years. So...
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Why Do Christians Celebrate Special Seasons and Holidays?

Written by: | November 27, 2017

Why do Christians celebrate special seasons and holidays?
I love holidays – Christmas, Advent, Thanksgiving, Easter, even Valentine’s Day. I’m not so big on Halloween, but otherwise, I’m delighted for any excuse to pause, celebrate my family and my God, and have some fun. Do you know where the word holiday comes from? It means holy day,...
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5 Simple Ways to Connect with the Family This Holiday Season

Written by: | November 24, 2017

Connect with the Family this Holiday Season
Holidays get busy y’all!  The term “hustle and bustle” ain’t got nothin’ on my crazy schedule.  I sure don’t want my family to get tossed aside as I run around making sure they have the best Thanksgiving and Christmas ever.  That kinda misses the point, don’t you think? But I...
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The Thankful Game

Written by: | November 20, 2017

Let’s face it… some days are just hard. Like today. Of course today of all days, I find myself sitting down to write a post about “unique ways of being thankful.” On the inside, I want to do anything BUT be thankful. I want to vent and tell the...
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Teaching Our Kids God’s Hand In The Thanksgiving Story

Written by: | November 17, 2017

Teaching Our Kids God's Hand In The Thanksgiving Story
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you are like me, you are probably in the middle of ironing out details for family gatherings, figuring out what dishes you want to make, shopping for ingredients…and oh yeah, trying to figure out how to make sure your kids get...
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Be Born: A Love Letter From God to His Son

Written by: | November 15, 2017

A Love Letter from God to His Son
I don’t know what it looks like where you live, but November first seemed to be a signal for every retail store, website, and media outlet to cue the Christmas takeover! And yes, I’ll admit it: even I turned on some Christmas carols yesterday. But instead of getting whisked...
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How to Answer Your Kids’ Questions About God

Written by: | November 13, 2017

How to Answer Your Kids Questions About God
There are a lot of challenging things we face as parents, and one of those things is how do you answer your kids questions about God? “Do cats go to heaven? What does God look like? If Adam and Eve didn’t sin will we all be naked?” Do you...
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