5 Ways We Feel Jesus’ Love When We Follow Him

Written by: | June 26, 2017

Ways We Feel Jesus' Love
For as long as I can remember, I’ve known the lyrics and tune to “Jesus Loves Me.” My parents took me to church the very week I was born. If you had asked me as a child how I knew that Jesus loves me, then I would have replied...
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10 Ideas for Quick Faith-Building Moments for Your Family

Written by: | June 23, 2017

quick faith-building moments
Matthew 10 is an incredible chapter of the Bible. In it, Jesus sends out the 12 disciples, and the story is full of all kinds of scariness and unknowns. The chapter is full of faith-building moments! Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive...
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5 Things That Might Not Be On Your Summer Bucket List

Written by: | June 21, 2017

summer bucket list
It’s officially summer time, and the season of the summer bucket list has begun! I am sure you have seen them floating around, those lists of fun things to do with your kids. I love reading through them, but I admit, I start to wonder how many people actually...
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5 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Baby

Written by: | June 19, 2017

Scriptures to Pray Over Your Baby
Looking for scriptures to pray over your baby? Start with these 5 verses and prayers to bless your child with God’s truth.I entered into motherhood not under the best circumstances. I was seventeen and a senior in high school, and my life had turned upside down. Yet it was...
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8 Reasons to Send Your Kids to a Christ-Centered Summer Camp

Written by: | June 14, 2017

Summer camp can be one of the best experiences of a child’s life!  It’s a much-needed break from the school year where adventure, creativity, laughter and good times are the priority.  I still remember those sticky nights, sleeping under the stars in a wobbly tent in the woods. Crickets...
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What Kind of Legacy Will You Leave as a Father?

Written by: | June 9, 2017

Father's Legacy
Home is so much more than a place. Home is where the people who love us most, inevitably shape who we will one day become. For most of us, it is the first place we begin to experience love, acceptance, truth, and belonging. In big and small ways, our...
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How to Have a GRAND Father’s Day

Written by: | June 5, 2017

Try this four simple ideas for having a special Grand Father’s Day. Honor the grandpa’s in your family and create unforgettable memories. If you are like me and holidays seem to sneak up on you, take this as your reminder… Father’s Day is June 18! Don’t panic just yet...
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Three Ways to Connect with Your Boys This Summer

Written by: | June 2, 2017

Ways to Connect with Your Boys
Looking for ways to connect with your boys this summer? Try a few activities in these simple areas of fun that boys love! I used to hate summer. It’s so hot and it took so much preparation to get my little ones ready to go outside…only for them to...
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Three Ways to Have Devotions With Your Toddler

Written by: | May 31, 2017

Do you find this verse a daunting task? “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” After we become parents, we quickly realize all our many shortcomings.  There’s nothing like raising little people that really kicks the sanctification...
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Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

Written by: | May 29, 2017

Memorial Day is upon us, and I think for most of it the holiday conjures up thoughts of barbecues, the beginning of summer – and of course, an extra day off work!  We know academically of course that Memorial Day is about remembering those who have died in defense...
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Your Family Summer Spiritual Growth Plan

Written by: | May 24, 2017

Has summer started in your house yet? Even if school isn’t out for your family yet, I’m betting you can feel it quickly approaching. Whether it’s within your own kids who are counting down the days to the last day of school or watching friends’ kids hold up those...
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The Best Summer Devotional Books for Kids

Written by: | May 19, 2017

summer devotional books for kids
The lazy days of summer are right around the corner. Who’s excited?? Actually, if I’m honest, I’m not that excited. See, I work full time, so our days are the same whether school is in session or not. We get up in the morning, eat breakfast together, I head...
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