Better Days Challenge

Written by: | November 16, 2011

We’re all aware it’s November and you know what that means… pilgrims, turkeys, and lots of talk about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been a meaningful holiday for me, but the importance really sunk in when we started a family. As parents we knew we wanted to raise children who...
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Thanks & Giving Activities for Families

Written by: | November 11, 2011

Before I had children, autumn meant sweaters and jeans. Thanksgiving meant turkey, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. But as soon as my little girl met her first Thanksgiving, I wanted it to be meaningful. I want her and my son to know the One who makes us truly...
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Thankfulness: Teaching by Example

Written by: | November 7, 2011

I am thankful for my kids and I want to be sure they know that. So often I get caught up in teaching by correcting, reminding my children to sit still, get their homework done without being distracted, stop talking and the like. With all of this correction going...
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Fall Into Gratitude

Written by: | November 1, 2011

As I write this, the air is crisp & the leaves around me are colorful. By far, this is my favorite time of year to share with my family! This month, all our Tommy Nelson Mommies will be sharing what they love about this season and how they encourage...
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Modifying Strategies for Each Child

Written by: | October 31, 2011

Parenting is always changing. As I’ve said here before, often it feels like once I get the hang of something, circumstances change. I feel the same way about parenting three (or at times four, if you include our foreign exchange daughters of the past two years) children. We have...
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Football, Cuddling and Eye Contact

Written by: | October 24, 2011

I’m the only bit of estrogen in a testosterone filled home… well, unless you count our one year-old Brittany Spaniel, Millie. But let’s be honest, Millie chews on socks so I’m not sure she counts. Because of my sole-femaleness (is that a word?) my awareness of my role in...
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The Golden Season

Written by: | October 18, 2011

We are now smack dab in the middle of my favorite time of year. FALL. After a long, hot summer, my family comes alive in the fall, along with the rest of our city. Tennessee is especially beautiful right now as the leaves change, and we fill our weekends...
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Life Isn't Fair

Written by: | October 12, 2011

We have this beautiful print hanging in our home… I love everything about it, but especially the message. “God is good all the time.” I need that reminder often, but sometimes I worry that it gives the wrong impression to our kiddos. WE understand that God is good all...
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Show Me, Reveal to Me, Teach Me

Written by: | October 7, 2011

When my daughter was an infant, I followed a strict feeding, sleeping and playing schedule. I wrote down every time I fed her, how many minutes and more. As she started sleeping through the night (very early I might add–thankyouverymuch, schedule!), I was still nursing her once in the...
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Different Children, Different Needs

Written by: | September 30, 2011

This month, our Tommy Mommies are sharing about how we’ve learned that our different children each have different needs. While we may have once been under the illusion that we could parent all our children the same way, we quickly realized that just as each of our children are...
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Back to School Feast: New Beginnings

Written by: | September 27, 2011

School is back in session here at the Ferrier house. That means that my 4-year-old is headed to 3 day-a-week preschool, my daughter is now in second grade, and my two stepdaughters are in college, one in Chattanooga and one here in Nashville. We had an amazing summer, filled...
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