Encouraging Children to Embrace Their Uniqueness

Written by: | May 23, 2016

Within the last two weeks alone I can think of three specific instances where we have had conversations about how we are all different from each other and that is how God made us. One person has red hair, another has brown. You like chocolate, your sister prefers sour...
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Quiet time (you, God and…your toddler??)

Written by: | March 11, 2016

As a mom, how many times have I run out of the house in the morning only to look in the rear view mirror halfway through my errands and realize… I never put makeup on!? I shrug it off and continue on my way thinking, “Well, at least the...
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Live Like Jesus…and Your Kids Will Too!

Written by: | January 20, 2016

What does it look like to follow Jesus? I suppose the answer to this question can be different for each one of us since we each have a different purpose here on earth. When I became a mother though, I found that I had to think more seriously about...
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Simplifying Christmas Gift Giving

Written by: | December 11, 2015

For many, Christmas is a time of excess. Overindulgence seems to be the theme during the holiday season. We eat too much food… and we give too many presents! Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, He has gotten lost amidst the...
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Keeping Kids Healthy from the Inside Out this School Year

Written by: | November 16, 2015

Can you believe it? The first semester of school is nearly over! New backpacks, fresh paper, sharpened pencils, stylish back-to-school clothes…. The kids were prepared for the school year and are now settled into the new routine. You possibly (more like PROBABLY) spent countless hours scouring for everything on...
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How to Throw a 4th of July Themed Family Party

Written by: | July 3, 2015

  4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! Apart from the hotdogs, hamburgers, backyard games and fireworks, I LOVE celebrating the freedoms that we have as Americans! One of our favorite ways to celebrate is spending the day with family. Let’s talk about it so you too...
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Parenting Lessons learned from your own parents

Written by: | April 29, 2015

Hopefully you have parents that you could positively learn from. However, parents are human and they will make mistakes. I pray daily for my own wisdom as a parent, and that my girls will forgive me when I don’t quite get it right. I hope they will want to...
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How to Ensure a Great Start to your School Week

Written by: | March 30, 2015

Let’s talk – for real today! Let’s get in some nitty-gritty, mind stuff. All right? Can we roll like that for this post? It’ll be fun. Come and join me!! Today, let’s talk about ORGANIZATION. Ugh and happy…all at the same time. If mom’s not happy, nobody is happy....
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