A Back to School Prayer for Parents and Students

Written by: | August 26, 2016

It’s the time of year when backpacks overflow with supplies and classrooms begin to fill with students! As parents, we prepare and purchase. Some of us labor over preparation; others have barely enough time to prepare at all. We make choices and selections for school settings, classes, teachers, and...
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4 Ways to Intentionally Gather as a Family this Summer

Written by: | July 8, 2016

You’ve had summer plans, but in between the well-planned days are easy-going, less-scheduled, relaxing days. Maybe you’ve enjoyed sleeping a little later than normal on occasion this summer or perhaps everyone stayed in their pajamas until noon and changed straight into bathing suits. While our family definitely enjoys a...
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5 Easy Old Fashioned Summer Fun Ideas

Written by: | June 24, 2016

Summer sunshine and breezes have arrived! And with their arrival comes the memories of summers past.  My favorite childhood summertime memories center around simple games, activities and desserts. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out these 5 easy old-fashioned summer fun ideas! Take time to enjoy...
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4 Ways to Help Your Little Ones Know They Are Loved

Written by: | March 9, 2016

From cradle to preschool, nurturing little ones is an important part of overall health. In early stages of childhood, physical growth and brain development are both highly influenced by the nurturing level received. When young children feel safe and secure, their behavior often reflects those feelings. Today I wanted...
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Enjoying A Daily Prayer Routine with Your Children

Written by: | February 26, 2016

You’ve already asked Susie to stop talking three times and Billy suddenly needs to go to the bathroom. The rush of the day seems to have snowballed into this single moment, right before dinner, when you are doing your best to pause and have a conversation with God. You...
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8 Ways to Start A Scripture Memory Plan This Year

Written by: | January 4, 2016

As parents, we know that in order to accomplish family goals, we need a plan. We plan meals, events, the daily schedule, and more. With the crazy pace of family life, including meeting the basic physical needs of our children, our spiritual intentionality can slide to the back burner....
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Reversing Your Child’s Entitlement Attitude

Written by: | December 10, 2015

Christmas is a wonderful time of giving. God gave the greatest gift and so we enjoy giving gifts to one another in reflection of his love. But what happens when your child believes they deserve those gifts and an attitude of entitlement exhibits itself? Perhaps it is through a...
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5 of Our Family Favorite Christian Children’s Books

Written by: | November 9, 2015

Sometimes it can seem that there are so many demands in a day, that I’ve not read books with my two youngest, especially, like I would like. The good news is that with the seasonal change and daylight savings time, being intentional to read books together as a family is a...
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Simple Things You Can Do for Do Something Nice Day

Written by: | October 5, 2015

I love to encourage folks and try hard to promote simple and easy things you can say or do to encourage others. I’ve found no better way to encourage myself than to be purposeful about encouraging someone else. So to spark this busy Monday into motivation for the entire...
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Finding A Great Morning Routine for Your Family

Written by: | September 7, 2015

Where are my shoes? What happened to the homework I finished last night? What’s for breakfast? School has been in session for a couple weeks and the first week of excitement has worn off. My family is settling into the weekly cycle and daily routines of life.  I’m a firm...
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