Getting Kids Out of Their Comfort Zone

Written by: | May 6, 2015

The first time we took our boys to a climbing gym, they stood close to us and stared up in awe at the sheer height of the climbing walls in front of them. Adults and kids were hooked up to harnesses, climbing with all different skill levels, but all making their way...
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4 Tools to Help Your Child Study the Bible

Written by: | April 13, 2015

I am a learner by nature. When I discover something new, I want to know all about it. I find history and literature fascinating. I will read and research things until I feel like I really understand them. Then, because I am also a communicator by nature, I want to tell...
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The Faith and Forgiveness of Saint Patrick

Written by: | March 13, 2015

As a woman with a proud Irish heritage, I absolutely adore St. Patrick’s Day. As a woman of faith and a parent, I am sad with what St. Patrick’s Day has become in our country – drinking and partying with no real idea of what the celebration is all...
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Backyard Homeschool

Written by: | February 2, 2015

  I used to think the phrase “the great outdoors” was reserved for use by those who took in nature in the most natural ways – camping, hunting, fishing, and so on. It is the phrase accompanying ads for tents and hiking boots. I picture campfires and mountain trails...
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A Prayer for Moms of Sons

Written by: | January 6, 2015

I guess when I look back, I kind of always pictured myself as a boy mom. Once we had one boy, I never started longing for a girl. I wanted our boy to have a brother and we ended up with three boys in all! Yes, I was happy...
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Christmas Gifts that Give Back

Written by: | December 5, 2014

My love language is gifts. I really love receiving them, but I do love giving them as well! Christmas makes me all giddy as we carefully pick out presents for family members, hoping to bless them with that perfect, thoughtful gift they will love. In the last few years,...
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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Faith

Written by: | November 4, 2014

The fitness craze is alive and well in our home. My husband and I became runners in the past three years and it has changed so much about how we live. We plan daily workouts, try to eat healthy foods to fuel our bodies, travel to races, and enjoy...
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Taking a Fall Break With Your Family

Written by: | October 10, 2014

It doesn’t take much to get me excited about fall. It’s my most favorite time of year. Just the sight of a few leaves on a tree turning shades of yellow, orange, and red makes me downright giddy. It won’t come as any surprise then that I have many fond...
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Family Friday Night

Written by: | September 19, 2014

In my college and early married years, I couldn’t imagine a Friday night spent at home. As an extrovert, I was always ready to be going, doing, and hanging out with anyone and everyone. Friday nights were meant to be spent out and about. While I remain my very...
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School Day Prayers

Written by: | August 22, 2014

  In my years of teaching elementary school, I don’t know who was more nervous on the first day of school: the students, the parents, or the teachers! I do know that what was an exciting day for many kids as they reunited with friends and looked forward to...
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Checking In On Your Family Mission and Goals

Written by: | July 18, 2014

If you’re anything like me, you start the year with great intentions – setting goals, making plans, making this the year your family really comes together to make a difference. And then life happens. I really do think it happens to almost all of us. Raising children is a...
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