Three Ways to End the School Year Strong

Written by: | May 17, 2016

By the time you read this post, my boys will have finished their first non-homeschool year and been on summer break for a week already. It was an incredibly successful year of transition for us – not perfect by any means, but full of great learning experiences for education...
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A Holy Week Q & A for Parents and Kids!

Written by: | March 21, 2016

Although we have observed Holy Week in our own way as a family, when I asked my oldest son what he knew about Holy Week, his first question was, “What is Holy Week?” I apparently had never specifically labeled the week with that title, so my question and his...
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Naming Names and Knowing God

Written by: | January 8, 2016

We take names very seriously in our house. The Hubby and I pored over the meanings and bible verses as we chose names for our three sons. We prayed, asking God to guide us in choosing each name, and He answered each time. In our dining room, a print hangs on...
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Avoiding the Holiday Hangover

Written by: | November 30, 2015

  We all know the holiday hustle and bustle well. The months of October, November, and December are full of reasons to celebrate, which makes them my very favorite time of year. There is one problem with this being my favorite time of year: I want to do ALL...
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Embracing the Joy of Back-To-School!

Written by: | August 17, 2015

This school year will be different than any other for our family. After four years of homeschooling, our older two boys will be entering fourth and second grade at a local school. I feel both joy and sorrow over this transition, but the kids have latched on to the...
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