Christian Baby Shower Ideas

Written by: | May 29, 2015

One of the most exciting life events is getting ready to welcome a new baby. Whether you are the expectant mom, or friends or family members, there is such an anticipation for that new little life – and every life is worth celebrating! I know as someone who has...
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Making Your Child’s First Bible Meaningful

Written by: | March 25, 2015

My children are pre-school aged. They can’t even read simple books yet, so it will be a little while before they will be able to read the Bible by themselves. Nevertheless, I have been thinking about the day that they are ready to pick out their first Bibles, and...
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Coping With Separation Anxiety

Written by: | February 20, 2015

  When my son was about ten months old, we finally decided to put him in the church nursery. As new parents we (or more accurately, I) was a bit paranoid about having someone else take care of my child, so I held him in the service with us...
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Prayer For A Working Mom

Written by: | January 26, 2015

  Dear Working Mom, I don’t necessarily know you, and I don’t know your exact situation. But if I could take a guess, I would say that to some extent, you are probably tired and torn. I know that on the days I go to work, I spend most...
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Can Santa & Jesus Coexist?

Written by: | December 9, 2014

  I don’t remember believing in Santa when I was growing up, but I do remember the day that I figured out (or should I say, confirmed) that he wasn’t real. I was riding in the car with my mom after a long day of shopping. My brother and...
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Making Black Friday A Blessing

Written by: | November 27, 2014

  One of my favorite seasons (and very likely yours too) is just around the corner – Christmas time! There is nothing like the Christmas season.  It brings snow, it brings family and friends together to celebrate, and it brings a generous and loving spirit into focus.  Unfortunately it...
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Pointing Kids To God Through Fall Activities

Written by: | October 28, 2014

Ever since I was a girl, I have loved autumn.  I love the fall colors, the cozy clothes, pumpkin goodies, corn mazes, and the brisk air.  Who doesn’t? But I think there is something deeper that makes me love this time of year.  My dad said once that autumn...
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Five Reasons To Read To Your Kids

Written by: | September 5, 2014

When I was three or four years old, I had an entire Curious George book memorized. I used to sit down with the book, turn the pages, and recite the entire thing while my mom and dad listened (and chuckled to themselves about how adorable I was, I’m sure)....
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Combatting Selfishness In Little Ones

Written by: | August 21, 2014

I remember the first time my kids got in a real fight (my oldest is three, so it wasn’t that long ago). We were enjoying a peaceful morning when suddenly it was disrupted by screeching. I rounded the corner and found two of my kids, each holding one end...
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